Milbank Tweed Forum: Concussions, Litigation and the Future of Football

Sports and Society Administrator April 20, 2013 0

This piece was produced in conjunction with NYU Law School.

The current concussion litigation against the National Football League in federal court in Philadelphia has been called by noted attorney and former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent “an existential threat to the NFL.” On April 9, the court will hear argument on the NFL’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, now joined by 4,000 retired players, based on the argument that that the claims are preempted by labor law. Come hear a panel of experts deconstruct this complex case and assess whether it could ultimately throw football for a loss.

Jodi Balsam ’86, Associate Professor of Law, New York Law School and former Counsel for Operations and Litigation for the NFL
Robert Boland, Academic Chair, NYU Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management
Harry Carson, Former player for the New York Giants and member of the NFL Hall of Fame
Kenneth Feinberg ’70, Founder and Managing Partner, Feinberg Rozen, LLP
David Buchanan, Partner, Seeger Weiss, LLP

Arthur R. Miller, University Professor, New York University School of Law

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