Armstrong, And The Surprising Reason Why People Cheat

Lee Igel October 2, 2013 0

By Lee Igel & Arthur Caplan | October 1, 2013

“For the past couple of days, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been spending time at Major League Baseball headquarters in a grievance hearing. If it works out the way he hopes it does, Rodriguez will get some reprieve from the 211-game suspension that MLB slapped him with for allegedly violating its drug agreement and labor contract. The outcome will also figure into his legacy.

No doubt the hearings are focusing on the legal machinations, evidence, witnesses, and cross-examinations that will determine whether the penalty imposed is excessive, as the MLB Players Association and Rodriguez’s lawyers claim. But one thing that likely won’t come out of any of this legal back-and-forth is why Rodriguez decided to use performance enhancing drugs in the first place.”

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