Recent Scandals Demonstrate the Need for College Athletes to be Paid

Sports and Society Administrator January 24, 2013 0

Dan Wetzel | Yahoo News
January 23, 2013

Recent investigations regarding inappropriate donations to the University of Miami football team serve to demonstrate the hypocrisy of college athletes not getting paid. While the NCAA makes millions, and money flies between boosters and school officials, none of the money is legally allowed to make it to the people putting on the performance, the athletes. Rather than continuing to cloud schools in scandal, boosters should be able to sponsor athletes and pay them for their services. Critics of this plan argue that it will create an uneven playing field where big name schools and their donors will have much greater potential to pay their athletes than others; however, this argument is flawed as these schools already spend much more on their athletic programs in terms of facilities and coaches. To read more on this topic, view the original article:

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