The New Business of Sports Media

Sports and Society Administrator November 20, 2012 0

The NYU-SCPS Tisch Center hosted the 12th Annual Cal Ramsey Distinguished Lecturer Series in Sports Management panel: “The New Business of Sports Media.” Moderated by Ted Shaker, a member of the Tisch Center adjunct faculty, the president of Mercury Media, the former executive producer of CBS Sports and CNBC Business, and founding president of Sports Illustrated Television, the panel featured John Kosner, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Digital & Print at ESPN, and John Walsh, Executive Vice President and Executive Editor at ESPN.

This lecture will cover the emergence of sports content, particularly event coverage, as the surest vehicle for gathering a mass audience for advertisers and marketers, as well as how this development will serve to increase the economic power of content rights holders. Other topics that will be discussed include the launching, programming and ownership of league and collegiate athletic conference digital networks, and how they will challenge media giants such as ESPN, as well as how ESPN’s and Turner Sports’ strategy of migrating an ever-increasing number of championship events including the British Open, the NBA Playoffs, the MLB playoffs, Wimbledon and Monday Night Football from free T.V. to pay cable, will continue to raise the price of watching sports in America.

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