The Life of the World-Class Athlete: Three Generations of Giants Greats

Sports and Society Administrator May 16, 2014 0

NYU Sports and Society offers a unique opportunity to spend an evening with a trio of beloved, current and former NY Giants, who will discuss what it’s like to play for this legendary team and how their experiences have affected them personally and professionally.

Today’s athletes live in a world where every comment they make is instantly available worldwide—immediate fodder for social media, the 24-hour-a-day sports news cycle, and office gossip. As invincible as athletes appear on the playing field, they often experience a sense of vulnerability and exposure. Harry Carson, Victor Cruz, and Michael Strahan will provide an insider’s look at their lives and careers; the pressures, the challenges, the bonding, and the expectations of them as leaders and role models for sports fan across the country.

Moderated by NYU University professor, director of Public Dialogues at NYU-SCPS, and NYU Sports and Society founder and chairman Arthur R. Miller, the panel will explore how these three world-class athletes deal with the difficult decisions and challenging circumstances that are the result of their extraordinary gifts, remarkable careers, and resultant fame. This spirited dialogue will focus on how three generations of Super Bowl champions strive to build a lasting legacy of integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship.

Below is the full discussion between the panelists.

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