What’s Unsettled About The NFL Concussions Settlement

Lee Igel August 30, 2013 0

By Arthur Caplan & Lee Igel
Forbes.com | August 30, 2013

“Many reactions to the announcement of a settlement between the NFL and 4500 former players who filed a concussion-related lawsuit are clear: the NFL won big.

The league agreed to a payout of $765 million for medical costs and related research. Half of that amount will be handed over during the next three years. As to the balance, the NFL will be able to pay that out over the next 17 years. This ends up being pocket change given the $10 billion the league earns each year, not to mention the ever-escalating value of NFL franchises and the bonanza of future media contracts. And the league admitted to nothing, is not bound to share what it knew about concussions and when, nor is it acknowledging any causal role between playing the sport and the health mess that many former players now face.”

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