Frozen Faithful

Sports and Society Administrator January 9, 2014 0
Frozen Faithful

By WILL LEITCH | January 6, 2014

Sunday was one of the coldest, nastiest weather days in recent U.S. history. Michigan — a state that knows cold — had its most frigid day in 20 years. Nashville and Memphis — two cities that don’t — canceled all their flights in and out of town. The National Weather Service called conditions in Minneapolis, which had wind chills nearing 60 below, “historic and dangerous.” Even in Athens, Ga., where I live, temperatures were expected hit single digits. In Georgia.

No matter where you were, though, we could all agree: We were all glad we weren’t at Lambeau Field.

The official attendance was listed at 77,525, and while I have no doubt that is true, I can guarantee you an extreme few of them had a good time. (And that was even before the Packers lost.) Even the winning coach looked like he was nearing death after the game.

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