Alderson’s Angst Has The Mets Staring At The Proverbial Cross Roads Once Again

Wayne McDonnell June 18, 2013 0

By: Wayne McDonnell, Jr. | June 17, 2013

“Ever since the days of William Shea, Casey Stengel and the Polo Grounds, fans of the New York Mets have proudly embodied the character traits of patience, resilience, and devout loyalty. As a reward for their unconditional love of the Mets, fans have suffered through prolonged periods of ineptitude that have been briefly punctuated by rare euphoric occasions. Over the past fifty years, mediocrity has become an unflattering hallmark of the franchise as the Mets constantly battle for respect and relevance in a city whose baseball origins are deeply entrenched in the rich history of the National League.”

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