Lee Igel


​Lee H. Igel explores the decision-making that guides how people behave in competitive situations. ​His work​ involves studying why people and organizations do the things they do, and the approaches they take for breaking through conventional outlooks.

Although ​his​ curiosity began years earlier, experiences in health care, including with the sports medicine and player development departments of a Major League Baseball club, led ​Lee​ to want to learn more about how top people, teams, and organizations perform their work. That continued when serving as program advisor to senior executives, prominent entertainers, and elite athletes at La Palestra in New York. It then led ​him​ to join the faculty at New York University, where ​he​ ​is​ now Clinical Associate Professor at the NYU Tisch Institute, Co-Director of NYU Sports & Society, and Associate of the Medical Ethics department at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Most of ​Lee’s​ teaching, writing, and advising uses sports as a key for starting people’s minds about subjects ranging from management strategy to healthcare policy to human performance. The aim is to help others gain insight into effective ways of organizing and managing the people, information, and programs they concern themselves with at work and in daily life.