Lee Igel

Lee H. Igel explores the decision-making that guides how people behave in competitive situations. He gets “underneath the analytics” of strategies, decisions, and policies, so people and organizations better understand why they do the things they do.

Lee uses sports as a key for starting people’s minds about subjects ranging from management strategy to healthcare policy to human performance. An interest in figuring out the connections between the people, ideas, and decisions that shape reality has been a theme throughout his work with professionals in business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Lee joined the faculty at New York University in 2004, where he now is Clinical Associate Professor in the NYU Tisch Institute. He serves as liaison to the Mayors Professional Sports Alliance, a task force created by the United States Conference of Mayors to provide information and support on issues related to sports in major league cities. Lee is also Co-Director of NYU Sports & Society, where he helps guide the development of educational programming, and the research and writing of white papers invited by senior executives of major professional sports leagues and franchises.

An Associate of the Medical Ethics division at NYU Langone Medical Center, healthcare has been a major chord in Lee’s work. This includes experiences in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as training in the sports medicine and player development departments of a Major League Baseball club. Prior to arriving at NYU, Lee was Program Advisor at La Palestra in New York, where he designed and managed comprehensive healthcare activities for clients including senior executives, prominent entertainers, and elite athletes.

Lee is a contributor to Forbes. His articles have also appeared in major popular, industry, and scientific publications. Global news outlets regularly call on Lee as a guest analyst to assess breaking news about business and social issues running through sports.